Guide: Reporting a Bug (5)

When you report a bug, a community member with access to secure.phabricator.com needs to reproduce it, then file a report upstream themselves before it will be fixed in Phabricator. Bugs reported here will not be address…

MySQL deadlock on /notifications/individual/ (3)
Error message is not being logged when unable to connect to the database (3)
Personal timezone setting mismatch (Cleared and more specific cases) (3)
Tasks created via workboard column menu are moved to wrong column (4)
"UNSAFE: Raw string.." warnings while importing git commits (3)
Arc diff fails on incompatible linter rule with PHP7.3 (3)
Notifications are marked read immediately without actually reading them (4)
Conduit method `phriction.edit` requires `title` while the docs say it's optional (3)
Aphlict server will not start in nodejs 10 (3)
Error seems to be related with da40f8074 and PHP 7.3 (14)
Cannot accept commits in Audit (6)
"UNSAFE: Raw string.." warnings (2)
Conduit method `maniphest.edit` does not recognize user IDs in the `owner` field (1)
New git commit processing fails on PHP 7.3 (4)
Pygmentize causing high CPU indefinitely (14)
Top menu item is homepage, even if inaccessible (1)
Website specifies emoji font in body tag (6)
Mass Notification Creation (1)
Access to Files through restriction (3)
[Phriction] Slow / 2500x same SQL query on root page (1)
`arc download` fails on large files (4)
Documentation formatting error: book/arcanist/class/ArcanistConfiguration/ (3)
Documentation error (3)
Unhandled exception on create task (5)
Ssh-auth script returns keys of deactivated users (4)
Tag on task of parent/child project is removed on save without warning (1)
ArcanistUnitWorkflow does not pass paths into test engines when asked to run tests for everything (1)
DiffusionRequest regex error (5)
Error in Database when editing Maniphest task commits (3)