Guide: Reporting a Bug (4)

When you report a bug, a community member with access to secure.phabricator.com needs to reproduce it, then file a report upstream themselves before it will be fixed in Phabricator. Bugs reported here will not be address…

Diffs closed by the wrong commit with merge commits (7)
Diffusion, Differential mobile layout broken when enabling file tree (3)
D19581 broke our install (line that should have been removed was not) (2)
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Advanced Search (by Relevance) in Phame results in error (1)
Assign reviewer based on owner of package do not work (13)
Diffusion.getrecentcommitsbypath fails with 500s error when callsign doesn't exist (3)
Arc lint is unable to parse pylint version number for pylint 2.0.0 (2)
Maniphest search for custom users field can return incorrect results (3)
Can not see the chinese name file in Diffusion repo (4)
Using "bypassCache" in diffusion.querycommits API results in an git error (1)
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Personal timezone setting mismatch (Cleared and more specific cases) (1)
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#1406: Data too long for column 'queryKey' at row 1 (1)
Arc not supporting git 2.17.1 (7)
File encryption corruption when trying to encode existing files (1)
Importing an observed svn database fails to import any commits (4)
Partial file uploads throw UNRECOVERABLE FATAL ERROR (2)
Sh variant 'simple' does not support setting port (3)
PHP segmentation fault on arc diff with empty explanation (1)