Ability to +1 (plus one) comments

We often feel the need to confirm the comment on a differential revision of another engineer. Currently what tends to happed is that a +1 comment gets added, which muddies the diff and can trigger unwanted/unnecessary notification.

It would be great to have the ability to react to comments, so that they can be e.g. “liked” or “plus one’d”

Currently it doesn’t seem possible, not sure if there is a way to request such a feature, or if it perhaps exists somewhere?


This is currently an intentional non-feature. See https://secure.phabricator.com/T5834 (and https://secure.phabricator.com/T10793 and https://secure.phabricator.com/T4385) for discussion.

Is commenting “+1” actually valuable? That is, if we imagine two states of the world:

  1. All comments as they are now, except “+1” and “me too” comments are likes / tokens / reactions / upvotes.
  2. All comments as they are now, except “+1” and “me too” comments don’t exist.

…which state of the world is preferable? I’d personally think it may actually be (2).

Of course, even if we would prefer (2), that doesn’t mean (2) is a reachable state. If we’d prefer (2) over (1), but we’d prefer (1) over the status quo, and can get to (1) by adding a “Like” button but can’t implement any product change to get to (2), that might motivate adding a “Like” button.

I haven’t personally seen too much vacuous “me too” behavior in corporate contexts, but I’ve only interacted with them briefly for the last few years. I’ve seen a bit in open source contexts. Are you working in an open source-like context (e.g., “me too” comments are coming mostly from users) or a corporation-like context (e.g., “me too” comments are coming mostly from employees), or something else?

+1 :pray:

An additional thing to digest is : What are “+1”, “Likes”, “Tokens”, etc. used for?

Various different use cases, but never well defined…

  • I like this
  • I agree with this
  • I vote for this
  • I am acknowledging that I saw your comment, however, I have nothing further to add
  • Thanks
  • Thanks a Mountain of Wealth amount
  • Thanks only a Pterodactyl amount


Just my thoughts for digestion

My use case, almost always falls into the “I am acknowledging that I saw your comment…” camp

So - currently, I either comment, or slack, or pretend I didn’t see the comment…