Actions by one user going unreported randomly


Observed Behavior:
Actions of one particular user go mysteriously unreported. For example, sometimes when this user creates a Differential revision, others don’t get notified/emailed about it. Other times, his actions are missing from the activity feed. And yet more, when someone adds them as a reviewer on a Differential Revision, they themself don’t get a notification about it, expect sometimes they do.

To reiterate, this only affects one person on our whole install, for others notifications and outbound email work just fine.

Expected Behavior:
Every users’ actions should be reported in activity feed normally.

Users should receive notifications/emails according to their settings.

Phabricator Version:
Phabricator: c64aae052ff65e4160c07a185ac472599c78100f
Arcanist: 349109426c7f9f86bfd295517e61fdf34cdbcbdc
Libphutil: f91ef416f11fa22f939f6c2211949669422983f0

Reproduction Steps:

Yes, the most important thing, and I have no idea how to reproduce this… If anyone has any idea what could be wrong and what could even help to start reproducing this, it would be much appreciated. Meanwhile I’ll try to poke around, and I’ll update this with more information if something comes up.


are their email preferences are set up correctly?



There’s a bunch of flags in table phabricator_user.user (fields named is*) - can you get all their values for this user? Maybe something in there is a hint.
Note that there are a few sensitive fields there too - password hash and salt, some secrets and a certificate. Don’t show those.


@mydeveloperday, they are, and they have been trying setting and resetting them to change the situation, to no avail.

@avivey, I checked the table you mentioned:

isEmailVerified and isApproved are the only ones with value ‘1’, others are 0.

Otherwise everything seems normal. The only maybe-interesting field (meaning I don’t know what it is) is availabilityCache with the content


Edit: I checked against my own account information, and the availability cache (and all the others, apart from admin flag) are similar. Cache TTLs were also sensible, a week or so into the future.