Activities notifications spam

Same notifications about activities are spammed over and over.

Reproduction Instructions
Make a change on project you’re watching. Notifications are repeating indefinitively as if actions were repeated too.
It occurs few minutes after having marked the notification as read.

Phabricator/Arcanist Version
be2b8f4bcb62deb953049debacfbc7dca2e6edef (Thu, Oct 31)

Up! Still stuck with this issue spamming 500 notifications per days… pls help! :confused:

I can’t reproduce this. Here’s what I did:

  • As user A, watched project P.
  • As user B, moved a task on the P workboard.

I received exactly one notification about the move, with no repetition.


I thought this issue were occuring only for me but, in fact, same for other users.
Also, I keep receiving notifications even if I unwatch entities. That’s a really strange behavior : I don’t receive new one but old one are still spamming every 5 minutes if I mark it as read.

Up! It’s getting very annoying and it doesn’t stop from accumulating notifications. Please someone help!

There might be something wrong with the daemons, preventing them from marking these notifications as sent.
look into the Daemons section, there should be more information there, and ./bin/phd log should show some relevant logs.

I have new informations about this issue. I don’t know if notifications are the same as activity feed stories but it seams that the issue come from here : http:///feed/

You can see that a story has appeared at 3.52 pm even if this event is correctly dated in the transaction log (see next post)

… (No transactions since 1.36 pm)

It seams activity feed is stuck in loop where transaction log is ok…

Up! Still anoying :confused:

Have you looked at the phd logs like I suggested?