Add a deadline due date to maniphest tasks


I ve been using phabricator for a over a year now. One thing I am missing is the task deadlines.
I have tried to add a custom field (deadline) and this is ok. I can edit each task and then set a deadline. So far so good.

But not being able to see the deadlines in the overview page e.g. Maniphest > open tasks doesn’t help to manage them. It’s not very productive to check each task page and go back and forth in order to just see the deadlines.

Is there any way to show deadline labels in the overview pages?

That’s not possible without making local code changes - this is/was being tracked at ⚓ T418 Integrate CustomField into more interfaces.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Ok, I have no problem modifying files. But, could you please elaborate on where to start?
Any simple steps would help…
E.g. get that branch and deploy that file etc etc

It’s a bit difficult to discover what needs to be done from that task. Sorry for my ignorance.

This is the closest example I know of: ⚙ D17004 Support Custom Fields in List View
It adds custom fields of another type, but it might help you getting started.

Note that it makes many extra DB calls, so it’s slow.

So, I checked the task you mentioned and it seems that there is lot of code changes that need to be done.

Also, I found this:

Which seems to do what I want. It modifies directly the phabricator/src/applications/maniphest/view/ManiphestTaskListView.php by adding a couple of lines.

I am not sure which one is the correct way of achieving this. Taking into account that in your example there are quite a few changes and that the task is old, I think is better to proceed with the second link that only adds a couple of lines. I think that the risk of breaking something in future updates is less with the second one.


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Yeah, your later link is probably safer :slight_smile:

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