Adding a new lint engine?

Hello! I posted in the Lint category about a week ago but didn’t get any response, so I will try here…

My company has been using Phabricator/arc for years and has more recently started using eslint to lint our JS code. Since eslint isn’t supported out of the box, we were leveraging this lint engine:

From what I can tell, it’s very nice and generic. I would love to see it (or something similar) get added to arcanist itself. Does that seem at all feasible? I am happy to open a formal feature request. I am even happy to create the CR, but I don’t think I’ve passed the “ancient trials” referenced in this Contributing Code documentation:

How can I go about making this happen?

See and - tldr is upstream doesn’t want to add any more support glue for these kinds of things (unless paid to do so).

At the moment, the Pinterest package is your best approach.

Thanks for your response! In case anyone else is interested, I found more info on the push to potentially get this one day here: