After editing a task title the task cannot be found by the new keywords


Observed Behavior:
After a new task has been created, chances are that you may need to change the task title to a new one with different keywords. However, after editing the title, the task cannot be found by its new keywords but only by the old ones.

The edited tasks can be found by the new keywords after reindexing the database. Further changes in description will fail again until a new reindexation is issued.

Expected Behavior:
The task should be found searching the title by any of its new keywords without reindexing the database.

Phabricator Version:
phabricator cb033673b6eb3dc8330d2ddea0fd358eae3b939a (Nov 16 2018)

Reproduction Steps:
create a new task, save it, edit the title changing some relevant keywords, search by the new keywords and check if the task is in the results


Can’t reproduce:



Is there any configuration switch I may have changed?


Here you can see my last task, that included the keyword “project.jsp” when created. Then it was changed to “Unificar” and still can be found when searching “project.jsp”.

The other way around: if I search for “Unificar” then the task is not found.