Allow non-administrators to determine phabricator version

In Bug reports MUST have reproduction instructions
users read “If you do not include version information, your thread will
be locked.”

the only possible ways to detect the running version are administrator-only.

Thus you have locked out of the phabricator bug reporting world the vast majority of users (who use a phabricator
instance to report bugs, and even more, who just read bug reports that
they have clicked on the URL of somewhere) from ever reporting bugs!

No, you wouldn’t say they are some kind of whistleblowers you are
stopping, but please don’t eliminate them from the picture.

One way would be simply mentioning and implementing:
"The phabricator version is also available in the HTML comments:
$ wget -O - | grep phabricator-version
< !-- phabricator-version: 1.234 -->

(Unless the administrator has marked it as secret.)

No, users might not want to have to attempt to have administrators forward bugs here.

Another alternative would be to simply mention a phabricator sandbox test machine:
“Make sure your bug is reproducible on TEST.PHABRICATOR.ORG, which is always running the current version, before reporting here.”

The idea is that you should talk to your instance’s admin before reporting a bug, because maybe it’s not a bug but a setting they set or custom code they are running.

There used to be a longer description in the “how to report bugs” instructions, that included the option to replicate the bug on a Phacility Test Instance.

Diagnosing a bug also often requires running privileged binaries from phabricator/bin/, raw MySQL queries, etc, and testing that a fix is correct and sufficient requires upgrading Phabricator. Only administrators can do any of this.

OK. Recommendations:

  1. Mention if the version number is intentionally kept a secret or not, on

  2. Some users are in fact unhappy with their administrators. Mention
    alternatives for them to use, rather than forcing them to try to contact
    somebody that shouldn’t be bothered.

Simply mention "Or test it on "

is an example of a report that a user could file, without needing to
figure out who is the administrator, have them come back from vacation
({Ring}… “Hey Ralph, somebody says there is a problem. Better come back and have
a look. No I don’t understand it.”).
in the end all for getting the version number for something that doesn’t
need to involve them at all.