Allow Phabricator administrators to actually administrate

Please allow Phabricator adminstrators to delete any file, bypass any view/edit restriction, etc… And allow them to actually adminstratate, thanks!

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Phabricator has a pretty well established philosophy about the power of administrators. In simple terms, that philosophy is as such:

Adminsistrators have almost no power in Phabricator. There are no super users in phabricator. Instead, all super powers are the exclusive domain of the sysadmins that have shell access on the server that phabricator runs on.

Yes, I think this gets a pretty clear writeup in the documentation:

Administrators are normal users with a few extra capabilities. Their primary role is to keep things running smoothly, and they are not all-powerful. In Phabricator, administrators are more like janitors.

Administrators are not in complete control of the system. Administrators can not login as other users or act on behalf of other users. They can not destroy data or make changes without leaving an audit trail. Administrators also can not bypass object privacy policies.

Limiting administrator power is an explicit design goal of Phabricator. If you need a software system that allows administrators to (for example) impersonate users, bypass policies, and destroy data, Phabricator probably isn’t the best choice for your use case.

It is an absolute shame that you keep insisting (as I have read in other threads) on not allowing admins to do whatever they want. It is annoying to administrate phabricator via the command line.

You could at least rename the user role to janitor or whatever, since administrator is very misleading.