Allow specific email addresses

Hello, I saw that there is the ability to allow registration from a specific email domain… but is there a way to allow registration from specific email addresses?

No, but there’s “user approval” process (on by default, IIRC). When a new user signs up, an admin needs to approve it before they can login.


Thanks! I know it’s off topic for this question… but is there a way to manually verify a users email?

You mean to manually mark as verified? There’s a script for it in bin/user, and there might be a UI for that as well.

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Thanks, but I don’t see a way to manually mark a user as verified in the bin/user script

mmm… It might be hiding under ./bin/auth:

$ ./bin/auth help verify

verify email
Verify an unverified email address which is already attached to an account.
This will also re-execute event hooks for addresses which are already

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That seemed to work. Thanks!