Allow wildcards in permanent refs

I know that Phabricator discourages humans pushing changes into temporary branches, but for backup purposes, it makes life so much easier (just backup your central repository and you have everything covered).

We do however have branches we consider permanent, like master. This is no problem, as they can be configured.
The problematic branches however are our release and hotfix branches, which we like to keep as well. In those cases, it would make our life easier if we could specify hotfix/* as permanent ref, to ensure all future hotfixes (or releases) are covered in one go and we cannot “forget” to mark a hotfix or release as permanent.

Is there any plan to allow some kind of wildcard in these fields?


When specifying branches, you should enter one branch name per line. You can use regular expressions to match branches by wrapping an expression in regexp(…).

Thanks for the reply. Apparently I looked in the wrong places to find the answer.