Am I calling this maniphest.edit endpoint incorrectly, or is this error a bug?


Hey there, I’m trying to call maniphest.edit to move a task to another column in a certain position.

The documentation specifies that, when calling maniphest.edit with the type column, you can either:

  • pass a column PHID as a string to move it to that column
  • pass a list of column PHIDs to perform several column moves
  • pass a dictionary to position it before or after another task in the given column’s natural order

Screenshot of documentation where I got that.

I’m trying to do the 3rd, and am being met with this error, which suggests that it’s trying to access “value[0]” and not finding a string. Since “value[0]” is an object within an array, of course it wouldn’t.

Any idea why this error might be happening here? If it’s a bug, I’ll go ahead and report it with formal repro steps.


And of course I figure it out minutes later.

The problem was that I was passing columnPHID and afterPHID as children of value.

Instead, both properties need to be provided instead of value. So, to correct my screenshotted call above:

  "0": {
    "type": "column",
    "columnPHID": "PHID-PCOL-tu5zihi26jrf3lxz2ekr",
    "afterPHID": "PHID-TASK-rey5dznxa7neh6abdbhj"