'Arbitrary' repository URI


Is it possible to serve repository from ‘arbitrary’ URI’s? What I want is to be able to use relative URLs in my .gitmodules for a repository that gets cloned from both GitHub and Phabricator without forcing the github naming scheme to match the UPPERCALLSIGN requirements of Phabricator.

So, serve diffusion/MYREPO at something like diffusion/my-repo. It doesn’t have to be under diffusion, I just need the lower/upper/-/_ flexibility I get from GitHub.



From https://secure.phabricator.com/book/phabricator/article/diffusion_uris/, it looks like Phabricator can only serve (Read-write/read-only) from builtin uris.

However, one of these built-in URIs should look something like:
ssh://<your-install>/source/<short name>.git

with short name being configured from Manage -> Basic. So you should be able to set the same names, and hide all the other uris from users.


I hadn’t used the short names before… but yes, it does create that URL which is working well. I hadn’t even gotten it working yet but you saved me from a gitmodules rewrite script and crazy extra complexity in the CI file. Thank you very much.