Arc land reports accepted diff is not accepted

Reproduction Instructions
Complete steps which allow someone else who does not have access to your environment to reproduce the bug.

  1. Make a change, run arc diff
  2. Have someone accept the diff
  3. Run arc land

If I run arc amend before arc land then this works fine. But I never used to have to do that, and as you can see from the command output below, arcanist knows the status is accepted. (My guess is that it’s looking at the “accepted” state in the local commit message when it does the check, then showing the accepted state from Phabricator in the message. If needs to check the latter both times.)

$ arc land (git log --format="%h" master.. | tail -1) && git fetch origin master:master && git rebase master
 STRATEGY  Merging with "squash" strategy, the default strategy.
 ONTO REMOTE  Landing onto remote "origin", the default remote under Git.
 ONTO TARGET  Landing onto target "master", the default target under Git.
 INTO REMOTE  Will merge into remote "origin" by default, because this is the remote the change is landing onto.
 INTO TARGET  Will merge into target "master" by default, because this is the "onto" target.
 FETCH  Fetching "master" from remote "origin"...

  $   git fetch --no-tags --quiet -- origin master

 INTO COMMIT  Preparing merge into "master" from remote "origin", at commit "bb2dfd7ef05a".
 LANDING  These changes will land:

  *   D7201 Move user profile from redux to react context
        c2b93b419917  Move user profile from redux to react context

 >>>  Land these changes? [y/N/?] y

You are landing 1 revision(s) which are not in state "Accepted", indicating
that they have not been accepted by reviewers. Normally, you should land
changes only once they have been accepted. These revisions are in the wrong

  *   D7201 Move user profile from redux to react context
        Status: Accepted

 >>>  Land 1 revision(s) in the wrong state? [y/N/?]

Phabricator/Arcanist Version
Output from Config > Version Information or arc version.

$ arc version
arcanist 33dfa859d8e68a66559c15c78cea4da19204653b (12 Jun 2020)

This should be fixed by, which hasn’t landed quite yet.