“arc patch” fails on filenames containing spaces with Subversion


Observed Behavior:
arc patch with subversion doesn’t work correctly with spaces in filenames.

If I have a patch with filename ‘Test Arcpatch.pl’,

while “arc patch” it patch data to file ‘Test’ ie filename get truncated at the first space character.

““Technical observation””
If a file path contains spaces, it must be terminated with a tab.

Expected Behavior:
arc path should work properly for filenames with space for subversion

Phabricator Version:
arcanist 8794ce1eaca0b3ef020e2cd5d2d5479fd3626b9f (27 Apr 2018)
libphutil f3e10579f640ebad648c56f677164647ab7251a4 (13 Apr 2018)
svn, version 1.8.10

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Create a file with filename ‘Test Arcpatch.pl’
  2. Create a revision using 'arc diff --create"
  3. Try to patch the phabricator revision on fresh copy of directory

"arc patch" fails on filenames containing spaces