`arc patch` with staging area


As I’m sure you know, arc patch is basically unusable for repos with binary files in them, diffs that contain mode changes, repos with LFS, repos using .gitattributes in a non-trivial way or any of a smattering of other things.

We’ve had to move all of our repos to use the experimental Staging functionality and teach our users to run git fetch --tags and git checkout -b branch_name phabricator/diff/DIFF_ID (and how to look up the diff ID and whatnot). This works fine, except a lot of my users have trouble remembering what to do and get tempted into running arc patch.

It would be nice if, when staging is configured and had been pushed to for that diff, arc patch would just use staging by itself. Then we wouldn’t need to have custom tools for it. Thoughts?


See https://secure.phabricator.com/T11091.


thanks; I don’t know why I couldn’t find that when I was searching myself.

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