Arcanist_configuration not respected

Reproduction Instructions

  1. set a library to extend ArcanistConfiguration and load it


    class ArcanistPSYConfiguration extends ArcanistConfiguration {
    public function willRunWorkflow($command, ArcanistWorkflow $workflow) {
    if ($command == ‘land’) {

             $testWorkflow = $workflow->buildChildWorkflow('unit');
             $testResult = $testWorkflow->run();
             $testMessages = $testWorkflow->getUnresolvedMessages();
             if (!empty($testMessages)) {
                 throw new Exception(
                 pht("Please fix the unit test issues before landing."));
         return 0;


  2. load it
    “load”: [".arcanist/configuration"] in .arcconfig

  3. set “arcanist_configuration”: “ArcanistPSYConfiguration” in .arcconfig

  4. finally, when command ‘arc land’, no errors and unit test was not run. However, ‘arc unit’ for unit tests work well.

Phabricator/Arcanist Version
arcanist d1c07b4d2634685e19f88a5acb0971a3440821f0 (30 May 2020)

arcanist_configuration is no longer supported. See

For this specific behavior, see

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Thanks for reply. things resolved.
Phabricator helps my team a lot.
I’ve create a pull request for throwing exception on that deprecated setting, in case workflow broken after upgrade without prompt. Hope it helps for question like that.