Are minor upstream patches to linters accepted?

A lot has changed in Phabricator land since I last interacted with the project upstream. Many moons ago, I wrote and contributed ArcanistGoLintLinter.php. Recently I had a coworker who didn’t have golint installed and hence the arc lint command failed on their machine. However the install message from the linter is now stale since the recommended way to install golint has changed. I know linter patches are on pause upstream, but are minor patches still accepted? This one for instance would only change the output from getInstallInstructions.
Happy to send a diff if so! Else I guess I’ll just go ahead and fork it for our repo.

See for broader context.

If it’s something minor and fairly unambiguous, like correcting instructional text, I’ll accept it. I generally won’t accept new linters upstream, and imagine eventually reaching a state where most upstream linters are third-party extensions that I don’t have to maintain instead.

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