Asana and Phabricator

Trying to connect phabricator to my Asana project.

I would like to the functionality to be able to create a task in Phabricator then automatically added into Asana’s projects.

The image is the problem I encounter, thank you!![Error asana|

Have you read the instructions carefully?

The error says the value “must be specified in JSON”. Is your input valid JSON?

The instructions have an example of a valid input. Does your input look like the example in the instructions?

Does one of the examples in the instructions tell you to do something specific which you haven’t done?

Hi epriestley, thank you very much for the reply.

It was a mistake on my part and providing less ID.

Now I see that only 2 available publishers class:

  • DifferentialDoorkeeperRevisionFeedStoryPublisher
  • DiffusionDoorkeeperCommitFeedStoryPublisher

Does it mean the functionality I’m looking for is not doable for the moment?

I’m trying to connect Maniphest into Asana. (Create a task/maniphest in Phabricator then automatically create it in Asana project.)

Thank you!