Assign reviewer based on owner of package do not work


Observed Behavior:
I created a package with owners, and path. Then I created a differential, which includes changes that matches the path I specified in the package.

What I observed was:

  • Owner of the package is not assigned as reviewer for the differential.
  • Even when i created a herald rule to assign reviewer if diff matches this package, the herald rule doesn’t work.

Expected Behavior:

  • Owner should be assigned based on package automatically.

Phabricator Version:
phabricator f31975f7a3be3790b7ecfe6f3b64227dc96002ff (Mar 5 2018) arcanist dcd7ef66d0e419db4d97f1ebb624ec3c55e1fe4e (Mar 2 2018) phutil dedf260c77557ffd71ad24a1b250a882a58fa0e7 (Feb 28 2018) diff 3.3 at /usr/bin/diff git 2.7.4 at /usr/bin/git hg Not Available pygmentize 2.1 at /usr/bin/pygmentize svn 1.9.3 at /usr/bin/svn

Reproduction Steps:

  • In /owners, create a package, then use arc diff to post a differential that’s part of this package. Notice how the reviewer is not assigned.


  1. in the transaction history, there’s a line about Herald, with “View Herald Transcript”. Clicking it should show you what happened, and if the rule was evaluated, and why.
  2. Can the user esong see the revision?


2 possible causes

  1. You shouldn’t need a herald rule with AutoReview


  1. Is Robot a robot user? if so what happens if you try a real user


Yes, the user esong can see the revision.


Yes, I expect it to work without herald. Robot is a bot user but even after I use a real user, it doesn’t work.
On the owner page, I am seeing different options.



Is the repository Active?
(repository -> Actions -> Manage -> Status)


Turns out it’s because I didn’t add path to the repo in diffusion, although the repo is active.


Can you reproduce this on a test instance in, and share the instance ID? I think there’s some bug in the UI then.


My experience is the “Edit Paths” in Owners are super sensitive, I never remember if the path needs to start with a “/” or not but one way seems to work well and the other doesn’t


Please note that my issue was fixed after I added a uri path to the repository. I wasn’t referring to path in Owners.


Hi @avivey I’ve reproduce it at Please take a look.