Auto-setup admin account/auth providers

I’m setting up a Phabricator server using ansible which leads to a nice clean installation with “register your admin account”, etc.

Is there a way to auto-setup the admin account and set up the auth providers without having to go through the web GUI? Was looking through the documentation, but wasn’t able to find anything that indicated this was possible. It’s not a deal-breaker for us (automated backup/restore is probably more important to script), but it would be nice to be able to do.

You can do the setup once with the web UI, dump the database state, then have your deploy script restore the saved state before running bin/storage upgrade. The upgrade process will migrate the older saved state to whatever the modern format is. See this document for more details on dump/restore:

If you need the information to be different each time (for example, you’re launching a SAAS hosting provider for Phabricator and need to set up customer instances, or running an academic course and need to set up student instances) this isn’t very helpful. There aren’t any tools for this “instancing” use case in the upstream since the only customer we’re aware of with this use case is us, and we just use a custom script.

No, I just need to do it once, so my thought was to go along these lines as well. Thanks for the quick reply.