Autoclose revision didn't work

After I land my revision and the commit has been parsed in repo, the revision didn’t be auto closed.
There is not auto close feature related setting in branch tab of Diffusion setting now.

I can’t reproduce this.

I push my commit to master, but the commit shown in Diffusion didn’t have Differential Revision field parsed.

I checked the daemon status and found the parsing task seems stuck in daemon.

Make sure the daemons are running.

Check the daemon log for errors.

Use bin/phd debug task to run a taskmaster daemon in the foreground, or bin/worker execute --id <id> to execute a particular task in the foreground. You can get task IDs out of the daemon log or the “Next In Queue” section of the daemon console.

After run the daemon with debug mode, we found there is some file permission issue in Phabricator container.
Auto close function is OK now. Thanks for your experience sharing.