Automated nightly builds with Harbormaster

Hey folks, I’m trying to set up an automated nightly execution of a Harbormaster build plan against latest master, an action which we currently run manually from the UI.

Things I was hoping to find that would’ve helped:

  • a cron-like trigger for a Herald rule
  • a Conduit API method for triggering a build plan
  • a Conduit API method for triggering a Herald rule

Neither of these however seem available, unless I’m misreading the documentation.

The only solution I think might work is to set up a Herald rule triggered by the creation of a new task (or a new blog post), which itself would be created through the conduit API by an external scheduled job that has access to a conduit token. Really hacky, I really don’t want to set it up this way.

Even so, although I can see there’s a “Run By Herald Rules” box in the build plan config, but I can’t figure out how to connect the rule with the build plan. None of the herald rule types offer a “run build plan” action.

Are there any other, more straightforward solutions I’m missing?