Built-in php webserver - Error on login


I follow this wiki : https://secure.phabricator.com/book/phabcontrib/article/running_builtin_php_webserver/ to start with build in php server.

My server start correctly, i can debug with PHPStorm :slight_smile: but i can’t log me.


  • Windows 10
  • PhpStorm
  • Mariad db on virtual server (i use the same database as my dev server host on hyper V)


$ /d/OutilsPHP/Workspace/phabricator/arcanist/bin/arc --version
arcanist 21a1828ea06cf031e93082db8664d73efc88290a (24 Jan 2020)
libphutil cc2a3dbf590389400da55563cb6993f321ec6d73 (14 Jan 2020)


commit 54bcbdaba94a3573e128c6498816dbfa41d3a9cb (origin/master, origin/HEAD, master)
Author: epriestley <git@epriestley.com>
Date:   Fri Dec 13 10:31:44 2019 -0800

When i try to log on, i have this error in console :

[Thu Feb 13 08:35:26 2020] [2020-02-13 07:35:26] ERROR 8: Undefined index: __path__ at [D:\OutilsPHP\Workspace\phabricator\Phabricator\src\aphront\configuration\AphrontApplicationConfiguration.php:177]
[Thu Feb 13 08:35:26 2020] arcanist(head=master, ref.master=21a1828ea06c), phabricator(head=develop, ref.master=54bcbdaba94a, ref.develop=f27fff682c5b), phutil(head=master, ref.master=cc2a3dbf5903)
[Thu Feb 13 08:35:26 2020]   #0 AphrontApplicationConfiguration::runHTTPRequest(AphrontPHPHTTPSink) called at [<phabricator>\webroot\index.php:35]

I can’t reproduce. Try updating all repositories to their latest version, and double-check the php -S command you’re using.

I updated all source, arcanist, libphutil, phabricator. Installed local database, run storage --upgrade.

When i have to create admin acount same error :

[Tue Feb 18 08:44:53 2020] [2020-02-18 07:44:53] ERROR 8: Undefined index: __path__ at [D:\OutilsPHP\Workspace\phabricator\Phabricator\src\aphront\configuration\AphrontApplicationConfiguration.php:177]
[Tue Feb 18 08:44:53 2020] arcanist(head=master, ref.master=ee66b15bd469), phabricator(head=develop, ref.master=54bcbdaba94a, ref.develop=b092f08a95e6)
[Tue Feb 18 08:44:53 2020]   #0 AphrontApplicationConfiguration::runHTTPRequest(AphrontPHPHTTPSink) called at [<phabricator>\webroot\index.php:35]

Run commande :

D:\OutilsPHP\php\php-7.3.10-nts-Win32-VC15-x64\php.exe -S phabricator-dev.match.com:80 -t D:\OutilsPHP\Workspace\phabricator\Phabricator\webroot\ D:\OutilsPHP\Workspace\phabricator\Phabricator\webroot\index.php

It looks like your Phabricator is in a version that doesn’t exist upstream: phabricator(head=develop, ref.master=54bcbdaba94a, ref.develop=b092f08a95e6), in a local branch named develop; your local master is also only up to only Dec 13th, while arc is at Feb 17th, which crosses the “eliminate libphutil” cutoff and can cause some issues.

I have a local branch of phabricator that add french translation in src extension. But i’m linked to phabricator master branch and updated


commit 64cc4fe9151547a8f872ea8c83b9a6cea22ce023 (phabricator/master)
Author: epriestley <git@epriestley.com>
Date:   Fri Feb 14 13:56:08 2020 -0800

    Add a test to verify that all routing maps are plausibly valid, and remove some dead routes [...]

Arcanist :

commit ee66b15bd4694813dff67524eee7fd11ac3ebd97 (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD)
Author: epriestley <git@epriestley.com>
Date:   Mon Feb 17 09:32:30 2020 -0800

    Port "arc upgrade" to Toolsets [...]

Local and test server are on same branch. Server run without problem.

Local server start display admin creationa ccount but impossible to pass this step.

php -i : https://pastebin.com/8RsM6MAy

Sorry, I can’t reproduce (but I’m using php 5.5 on linux).

I will try with a linux desktop.

For the moment i opened debug port on my virtuel server and publish code if i need to test/debug