Call to undefined method PhutilSortVector::getSelf()


Observed Behavior:
After last phabricator daily upgrade we have no one working page, but error:


Call to undefined method PhutilSortVector::getSelf()


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Expected Behavior:
Phabricator is working.

Phabricator Version:
Cant check version, because Phabricator does not work at all. I suppose, our Phabricator have the latests HEAD version, nothing gets when pulling from git repository.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Run official upgrade script.
  2. Go to phabricator welcome page.


Can Reproduce.
The bug must have been introduced with D19209 (

For me it seems, as if the bug is in this file on line 404:;1e93b49b1bf23b8d63bc984b6c1d0ab37c1d3c20$404

Removing the 3c4f31e4b9213eb70571dec1feab399fa4bcee6d commit fixes the issue (the commit of D19209)


Thanks, see


I found this thread after getting the observed behavior error and I am looking for a fix as our current system is unusable until we fix it.

Is there another article that you could point me to for the fix process? Just wanted to check in with you guys before I dive in a rabbit hole.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!



This issue was fixed 6 months ago. Did you update your install? See Contributing Bug Reports.