Can `arc land` pull master branch only?

It pulls all branches currently. I can’t find how to change it. Thanks in advance!

I can’t reproduce this.

Specifically, an arc land --trace transcript showing it executing a git pull or other command which fetches more than necessary would be helpful, as would version information. My belief is that arc land fetches only the target branch, narrowly, since the code explicitly does that and does not run git pull or any similar broad-spectrum operation.

    $err = $api->execPassthru(
      'fetch --quiet -- %s %s',

(There is a separate git pull reachable later in the workflow, so maybe that’s what you’re talking about? Basically, please please please please read the sticky thread that says “provide reproduction instructions and version information”. This is incredibly important and I can’t help you or fix anything when you don’t give me this information.)

Cool. Thanks for looking into this. I’ll use arc land --trace command to get more info.

Hi @epriestley,

I see a $ git pull -- in output of $ arc land --trace:

 UPDATE  Local "master" tracks target remote "origin/master", checking out and pulling changes.
 PULL  Checking out and pulling "master".
>>> [38] <exec> $ git checkout 'master' --
<<< [38] <exec> 1,852,766 us
>>> [39] <exec> $ git pull --
<<< [39] <exec> 11,765,729 us
>>> [40] <exec> $ git submodule update --init --recursive
<<< [40] <exec> 168,058 us
>>> [41] <exec> $ git branch -D -- 'xxxxxx'
<<< [41] <exec> 12,172 us
 DONE  Landed changes.

Any suggestion how I can change it to git pull origin master? Thanks!

$ arc --version
arcanist 83661809e532c3fe444a8bf7c7d6936e6377691b (26 Oct 2018)
libphutil f9a65ebb0e0c70940321e20c1ee5c5df6573822f (27 Oct 2018)

I guess it’s from this line of code:$448

Any plan to update it or make it configurable? Thanks!

I think we can fix this by tweaking our gitocnfig. You may close this. Thanks!