Can not type into Create new task fields with placeholder on mobile II


Observed Behavior:
If I open Phabricator on my Android 6, Maxthon or Firefox browser, I can not type into fields with placeholder e.g. in Create new task forms. Everything I type is rewritten back to the placeholder immediatelly. It seems to me like Phabricator’s JavaScript/PHP or whatever is behind can not recognize I started to type into the field.

Expected Behavior:
I can not fill any task/bug form on any Phabricator instance on my mobile. I would expect this to be working.

Phabricator Version:
Not, sure, but maybe does help?

Reproduction Steps:
Open Maxthon or Firefox browser, open any form (like Create new task), place the cursor into placeholder field and start type.

See also my original task to this issue here:

PS: I originally found the issue in Maxthon browser, but recently I encountered the same bug (just with one minor difference) also in Firefox browser
PPS: I reported it once already, but I’m not sure, how to reopen closed bug report