Can not type into Create new task fields with placeholder on mobile


Observed Behavior:
If I open Phabricator on my Android 6, Maxthon or Firefox browser, I can not type into fields with placeholder e.g. in Create new task forms. Everything I type is rewritten back to the placeholder immediatelly. It seems to me like Phabricator’s JavaScript/PHP or whatever is behind can not recognize I started to type into the field.

Expected Behavior:
I can not fill any task/bug form on any Phabricator instance on my mobile. I would expect this to be working.

Phabricator Version:
Not, sure, but maybe does help?

Reproduction Steps:
Open Maxthon or Firefox browser, open any form (like Create new task), place the cursor into placeholder field and start type.

See also my original task to this issue here:



We do not support Maxthon, so please try this in another mobile browser (Chrome, Safari, or Firefox).

If it does not reproduce, this is likely a bug in Maxthon. You should report it to Maxthon. We generally will not work around bugs in obscure browsers. This page on Wikipedia suggests Maxthon has an extremely small slice of the market:


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