Can we add multiple auth provider

Hi Team,
can we add multiple auth provider?

currently we are using LDAP auth but now we need JIRA auth Provider for some reason,

  • is it possible to use both JIRA and LDAP ?

if i add JIRA auth provider is it replaced with LDAP ? or we can use both ?

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Manju NS

You can have both. Users will have the option to use either for login/registration.
If you allow registration using both providers, users might accidentally create 2 accounts for themselves - I’d recommend only allowing registration using one of the options if possible.

i don’t want to login with jira and i don’t wants to register new user with jira i will use only LDAP for login and registration
my requirement is to integrate Phabricator code review tool to JIRA,

as per the above image ,if i disable the marked two options, then i can add our jira account in the ‘External accounts’ section ?