Can we show migration times during upgrade


Every now and again we get a large migration…

it would be good if we could record the migration times in our installations so we understand how our times compare with the sample migration times you put in the change log

Applying patch “phabricator:20190215.daemons.02.nulldataid.sql” to host “”… (10ms)
Applying patch “phabricator:20190215.harbor.01.stringindex.sql” to host “”… (20ms)
Applying patch “phabricator:20190215.harbor.02.stringcol.sql” to host “”… (100,000ms)

It would just give us come confidence about how long it was going to take…

20190215.daemons.02.nulldataid.sql||92 ms|
20190215.harbor.01.stringindex.sql||20 ms|
20190215.harbor.02.stringcol.sql||76,209 ms|
20190220.daemon_worker.completed.01.sql||2,346 ms|
20190220.daemon_worker.completed.02.sql||32 ms|


I think bin/storage status shows that information…


Yes, bin/storage status shows how long each migration took to apply in the fourth column.

The changelog table is essentially just taking bin/storage status from and turning it into a wiki page.

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