Canno get smtp server to work "SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host."

Hello everyone. im new to phabricator and so far i have been able to setup everything. The only problem I have is with the mailer. My phabricator installation will be used by a small amount of people so i just wan to use my personal gmail to send the registration emails to the users. i have set the “metamta.default-address” to my personal email. then i mahe a mailer.json that looks like this:

"key": "smtp-things",
"type": "smtp",
"priority": 300,
"options": {
  "host": "",
  "port": 465,
  "user": "[CENSORED but i checked this and my login credentials are correct.]",
  "password": "[CENSORED]",
  "protocol": "ssl"

I then loaded that file with ./bin/config set cluster.mailers --stdin < mailers.json and it succeeded.
then i restarted apache with sudo service apache2 restart.
But when i try to send the welcome message the mail does not arrive and when looking into the task with: ./bin/mail show-outbound --id 22 it shows this in the properties section:

ID: 22
Status: queued
Related PHID:
Message: SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host.

does someone know how to fix this ? I’m sure that I misconfigured something but I don’t know what.

I also wanna say that only need the mail so users can register. if there is any way to add a user withoud them needing to receive a email ith the registration link please let me know

I also wanna say that I do not have a domain name. because not many people will use it.