Cannot accept commits in Audit


Observed Behavior:
In the Audit application, if I accept a commit for which I am an auditor, I get You can not post an empty comment. If I add a comment to the accept action, the commit is still not accepted. The same behavior occurs for raising a concern.


Phabricator Version:
phabricator 8ef2f4086ee3479853f045d0fa1457bebd833bbd (Mon, Dec 3) (branched from 9bfe558587aa55d8f0cf037640e3cfee6d642593 on origin)

arcanist 45a8d22c74a62624e69f5cd6ce901c9ab2658904 (Mon, Nov 12) (branched from 3534d2baca4bf6dcdac46c49164bf5ba3a6660ad on origin)

phutil 2a2d4fce881ea48974e7356ca4cf3d33105998f0 (Mon, Dec 3) (branched from 35d0ec2dfa595fd77410b67032e3e4262d170b6d on origin)

Reproduction Steps

  1. Create a new commit and add another user as an auditor.
  2. As the other user, attempt to accept the commit.


I’m seeing the same issue in my installation with the same installed software versions.
If a comment is added in the form, then this comment is recorded, but the commit is not accepted.


Thanks. This reproduces for me, and I should have a patch shortly.




This fixes the problem for me. Thanks!