Cannot delete custom form


While checking out some new features (having not used Phabricator in awhile) I found I could create new customized forms. Specifically I created a new Task form. However when I found it won’t be necessary to create a new form, I found I cannot actually delete the custom form anywhere, I can only disable it and/or make it invisible to everyone. Am I missing something?


Most deletion tasks in Phabricator are deliberately unavailable from the web interface. You probably will need to use the phabricator/bin/remove CLI utility.

      remove - remove objects

      remove command [options]
          Administrative tool for destroying objects permanently.


      destroy [options] object ...
      Permanently destroy objects.

      help [command]
      Show this help, or workflow help for command.

      Show a log of permanently destroyed objects.

I must admit I do not know how to get the PHID of a Task form.