Cannot edit Phame panel query in Dashboard

When I press the Customise Query button on a Phame Posts dashboard panel nothing happens (I would like to show recent blog posts from an announcements blog on the dashboard)

Reproduction Instructions
Complete steps which allow someone else who does not have access to your environment to reproduce the bug.

  1. Open Phabricator
  2. Make a dashboard
  3. Add a Phame Posts panel set to “all posts”
  4. Manage Panel > Customise Query
  5. …nothing happens

Phabricator/Arcanist Version
phabricator 8daaf5ef2145 Mon, Aug 2
arcanist 82016c00e132 Mon, Jul 26

I haven’t tried reproducing this yet. Could you run these steps then check logs on the server to see if an error/exception is happening?

Hi @cspeckmim thanks for your reply - I can’t find the logs I need, I’ve checked /var/log/apache2, /var/tmp/phd/log and the browser console. please help!

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