Cannot enable "Comment" field in Task Edit form


Observed Behavior:
“Comments” field appears on the top of every Maniphest form when you try to create a new form or try to edit an old one. However, there is no apparent way to unhide this field. This field is not listed under the “Lock/ Hide Fields” option either.

Expected Behavior:
“Comments” field should be listed under the “Lock/ Hide Field” option, so that, it can be enabled.

Phabricator Version:

Reproduction Steps:
1- Try to edit a Maniphest task, “Edit” form opens.
2- Click “Configure Form” menu on the top right corner.
3- Select “Edit Form Configuration”.
4- Now you should be able to see the “Hidden” comments field.
5- Click “Lock/ Hide Fields” item from the menu on the right. “Comments” is not listed there.



Hi, your phabricator version is ancient (May 2018); Please upgrade to a recent version and try again.



Thanks, @avivey. We have upgraded our Phabricator version. We are now at 7e1743a959e01e63d306dcc670685f678effe540 (Sat, Apr 6).

The change I see in this latest version is that the hidden Comments field has been completely removed. It does prevent confusion for those who are editing forms but does not help with enabling the Comments field. Do you think I should ask for this solution here or should I open another thread under another category?