Cannot submit an Edit Suggestion with no Comment

Reproduction Instructions

  • Add inline comment that contains an edit suggestion but no message
  • Click submit
  • Receive message about transaction with no effect. Inline comment is not submitted.

Phabricator/Arcanist Version
We’re on a local fork that includes 4042ea64851848c2a50d50a8eeb191174dbd328a from 2020-05-22.

Tried to reproduce on a Phacility test instance but this feature doesn’t seem to have been deployed there yet. I don’t think any of our local changes are causing this (really sorry for the false report if they are).

Thanks! This should be fixed by, which is now in master and stable.

Note that there are still a couple of bugs where the code considers “no suggestion” to be the empty state, but the empty state of a suggestion is really “you suggest exactly the same code that’s already there”.

For example, if you suggest completely deleting a block of code and don’t include any explanatory text, the inline will vanish into nothingness since the internals think it’s empty. I’m planning to fix this but believe the impact isn’t particularly large, so it probably won’t happen until next week’s release.