CC'd emails not working with SendGrid since 2019 Week 1 update


We upgraded our install to the 2019 Week 1 version last week and set up the cluster.mailers key; things seemed to be working fine, but I’ve started getting reports of users missing e-mails about tasks that they’re CC’d on.

I looked up one of the affected messages; if I run ./bin/mail show-outbound --id 993399 it shows up as “sent”, but when I look at it in Sendgrid it was only sent to void-recipient@ourdomain and didn’t have any of the CC’s. It never reached the user’s inbox.

We exclusively use Sendgrid for mail sending and cannot change that.

There is nothing in the daemon log.

I was able to reproduce this issue by verifying that

echo "this is a test" | ./bin/mail send-test --to $USERNAME --subject 'test 1'

works and

echo "this is a test" | ./bin/mail send-test --cc $USERNAME --subject 'test 2'

is never delivered


Thanks, see


Additionally, the logic in Sendgrid about using Cc as an HTTP header instead of a body parameter is wrong; it’s been a body parameter for at least a few years.

I needed to add to our local fork to get stuff going. You’re welcome to copy it if you would like.