Claim a task via SSH


Hi folks.

Just wondering if there is a command to claim or reset the permissions of a manifest task.

So where I can forcefully delete a task e.g.
./phabricator/bin/remove destroy TASK-ID

Can I say reset the “edit” permissions to administrators, or myself for example by another such command?

Thanks in advance!



phabricator/ $ .bin/policy unlock T123 --view Inch --edit Inch --owner Inch

…where Inch is the Phabricator username of the user you’d like to be able to view, edit, and/or own the task. You may pass a subset of the flags if you want to change only some permissions.

This shipped last Friday, so you may need to update first (see: and

In older versions, you can use bin/policy unlock T123 to adjust View/Edit permissions, but it unconditionally sets them to be very open and can not reset owners, so it won’t let you unlock tasks which have been put into an “Edit Locked” status.

A more complex tool is to apply edits via bin/conduit call --method maniphest.edit or similar. These edits bypass policy checks, but can be complicated to construct if you aren’t familiar with the API.

If at least one user can access the object and you know their username, you can bin/auth recover <username> to access their account, then make edits. This won’t help if an object has been put into an impossible-to-edit state or you aren’t sure who has access to it, though.


Worked perfectly fine, cheers!

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