Clarify required fields for Script and Regex Linter

I was recently trying to use the Script and Regex linter to create an autofix lint rule that would automatically suggest a diff to apply to fix the lint. After reading the documentation, I had configured the following in .arclint:

 "script-and-regex.regex": "/^(?P<severity>disabled|autofix|advice|warning|error):(?P<original>[^:]+):(?P<replacement>[^:]+):(?P<message>.*)$/m"

However this did not work as expected - the replacement was being appended to the end of the file and was also missing the carriage return from the line before it. After digging into the code, I discovered that both line and char (or alternatively offset) are also required when attempting to use original and replacement. This worked:

 "script-and-regex.regex": "/^(?P<severity>disabled|autofix|advice|warning|error):(?P<line>\\d+):(?P<char>\\d+):(?P<original>[^:]+):(?P<replacement>[^:]+):(?P<message>.*)$/m"

Can you update the documentation to clarify that these other patterns (either line + char or offset) are also needed when using original and replacement? Thanks!