Comment form disappeared in Maniphest?



Is there some setting somewhere that shows or hides the Comment form in Maniphest?

As of recent days, my phabricator installation has mysteriously removed the ‘Login to Comment’ or ‘Set Sail for Adventure’ new comment form at the bottom of a Maniphest task.


This is true for either logged in or logged out users.

I can’t find what might’ve changed to cause this.

The CSS file phui-comment-form.css simply does not appear in the page markup anymore.

Can’t find any errors in logs, etc.

What am I missing?

Thanks for any help!

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    3215e4e291ed4468faeed4542d47a571b5bc559a (Sun, Sep 16) 
    3.5 at /usr/bin/diff 
    2.11.0 at /usr/bin/git 
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    2.2.0 at /usr/bin/pygmentize 
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If a user does not have access to any “Task Edit” forms, they won’t be able to edit tasks. You’ve likely disabled all forms. If these users click “Edit Task”, they should see guidance:

You do not have access to any forms which are enabled and marked as edit forms.

In /transactions/editengine/maniphest.task/, make sure users who you want to be able to interact with tasks have access to at least one enabled form which is marked as an “Edit” form.



@epriestley thank you, this was exactly the issue. I had noticed the ‘Edit task’ also failed but hadn’t realised it was the same root cause.

Another admin had unmarked the ‘Create Task’ form as an Edit Form, several days earlier.

Thanks for your clear and helpful response!