Commit merged from PR not attached to maniphest

Hello Ereryone!
Could Phabricator automatically link maniphest with commit, which was created as result of merged pull request?

We added a commit message in format like “Ref T1111 - some commit msg” and this works fine in case if changes pushed to refs/master.
However, if changes pushed to refs/pull (so commit pushed after pull request merged) - then such commit doesn’t linked with maniphest, but it successfully fetched in phabricator diffusion.

We don’t use arcanist tool, but just created/merged PR using “gitea”.
Could phabricator be configured to handle this functionality?

Thanks in advance!

Did the commit make it to master or some other permanent branch?
If not, Phabricator considers it “work-in-progress” and will not process it, in case you throw it away later.
See ◉ Diffusion User Guide: Permanent Refs for configuring it

Commit was in master.
If observe diffusion settings - all commits were imported and displayed. But, not attached to maniphest.

As far as I know, if the commit is in master, then it should have attached it to the task.
Is the “ref” word correctly spelled? Are the daemons working correctly? Does the commit show up in Search?

Here is how commit displayed.
The commit could be found in search and also I could add it manually to maniphest.
But it not attached automatically after merge pull request.
This works only if I push directly to origin master (not fork)

This might be this (known) bug: Herald ignores “unpublished commits” - #2 by epriestley

The mentioned issued is about Herald rule, but in my case we expect to have attached commit into maniphest automatically.
I see in documentation that:

A commit is “published” when it becomes reachable from a permanent ref. By default, all branches are permanent refs, so pushing a commit to “master” will publish it, but pushing a commit to refs/pull/123 (either directly, or by using a tool like GitHub) will not.

My case looks the same - commit pushed into refs/pull/123.
Do I need some changes in phabricator repo settings so to make such refs/pull as permanent?
I can’t find example in doc what mask should be added to make refs/pull/1, refs/pull/2,…etc as permanent?
Perhaps refs/pull/* ?


refs/pull/* sounds kinda right…
Take into account that the original idea for “permanent refs” was specifically to hide pull-requests refs, which are “temporary” and might change during the PR, or rejected - this caused some noise to users about commits they weren’t interested in, and closing tasks before the commit is pushed to master.