Comparing diffs from the "History" tab doesn't filter new files correctly

Observed Behavior:
When comparing two diffs from the history tab, if the first diff added new files then those files will be shown as “Added empty files” even if diff 2 didn’t modify those diffs

Expected Behavior:
Those files should be filtered and not shown if Diff 2 didn’t modify them

Phabricator Version:
Phacility hosted

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Create a revision where you add files A and B
  2. Update the current revision changing file B
  3. Go to the History tab in the UI
  4. Compare Diff 1 and Diff 2
  5. Check that file A is shown as a new file.

If you’re on Phacility, you can file a bug directly from you’re instance management page.

Couldn’t figure out how lol, will check it out again.

Just found it…you can close this one, I’ll reopen it there!

Somewhat orthogonal, but I think this would be a good visual to have: