Conduit API to set branch of a differential


I am trying to find a Conduit API which I can use to set branch info for a differential. I want to add functionality to Mercurial’s phabricator extension to set branch names of commits in differentials.

I am unable to find any other API except which has a branch option. I tried passing branch name using fields option of other API’s and had no success. Is differential.creatediff is the only API which can be used to set branch?

Thanks in advance



There is no API to set a branch. The branch is not intended to be mutable: it reflects the local working copy state at the time the diff was created.



Okay. I like the idea of branch not being mutable.

Is it possible for differential.createrawdiff API to support setting the branch?



We don’t have a lot of customer interest for APIs to entirely replace arc with a different client, so it’s currently unlikely that changes which primarily support alternative clients will make it to the roadmap.