Conduit: for projectless tasks

Is there a way to list all maniphest tasks which don’t have a project-tag via the Conduit API ?
I tried an empty array for the projects-constraint in the API but it returns everything instead.

Search with null() as the projects constraint:

  "projects": [

To discover the internal function name for tokenizer functions, do this:

  • Click the “magnifying glass” button on the far right of the tokenizer control in the search interface.
  • Click “Reference: Advanced Functions” in the footer.
  • The “Function Quick Reference” table lists the function/API names (like “null()” and “not(X)”) that correspond to the human-readable tokens (like “Not in Any Project” and “Not in Project: X”).

There are currently no composable functions (all functions take zero or more scalar arguments), but function composition is supported internally and will likely become a thing in the future. See also:

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Very nice!

That was well hidden.