Conduit "" API result ordering


I’m using “” to fetch the list of columns on a board, but so far I’ve had no luck getting the column results in the same order as they appear on the board. If you change the column sort order on the board the API results don’t reflect such changes. Does anyone know what I need to set “order” to for this to work? (documentation only mentions “id”, but that’s not very useful…).

Alternatively, is there a parameter which I could set which would entice the API to return some manner of sort index with each result?

So far, I’ve poked around the documentation and source code, and tried a bunch of “order” parameters.

Thanks so much for any pointers!

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I would have hoped that the “order” parameter of supports “sequence”, as that’s how the field is called in the phabricator_project.project_column table, but no luck.

Maybe the API output could include the sequence value and the status value (if it’s hidden on the workboard or not) of each column.