Configuring MFA Provider TOTP fails for missing Duo only options


Observed Behavior:
Creating (first) MFA Provider of Type TOTP is not possible, parameters of Provider DUO are required.
(See reproduction below)

Expected Behavior:
I expect that API credential and hostname should only be required on MFA provdider Duo :wink:
The fields are not shown in the Form …
Phabricator Version:
phabricator 7c795ab75722724f77d79787898f5775a9dc8a47 (Fri, Feb 1)
arcanist 25c2381959ac94d9249ae4023c5f9ea36436b81c (Dec 28 2018)
phutil c818e866f8893c9ba2a7312ff5693d9bea6e9f6e (Thu, Jan 31)
phabricator-drydock-extensions 7c795ab75722724f77d79787898f5775a9dc8a47 (Fri, Feb 1)
php 7.3.1-1

Reproduction Steps:

  • Add MFA Provider.
    Select Type [Mobile Phone App (TOTP) ( providerFactorKey=totp )
    In the following EDIT Form -> “Create MFA provider”

Getting Error :
“Duo providers must have an API credential.” and
“Duo providers must have an API hostname.”


Thanks, see


Thanks :wink:
Fixed with
phabricator db1e12370629a18ec9ee13a5af3edd311f8a7f65 (Sun, Feb 3)


closed #4