Configuring Outbound Email SMTP

Hi Experts, i am new to this Phabricator and I am having trouble setting up my SMTP Server for outbound email. I recently created admin account, then a colleague of mine register to my phabricator link. I would like to send her/him a welcome email, but all the outbound email are queued, i dont know why, maybe because i didnt set up yet mailers? By the way im using domain email.

For my SMTP Server i am using an IP as host, but i cant seem to update the cluster.mailers :frowning: Any help please.


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JSON does not permit trailing commas in object definitions, so this is not a valid JSON object definition:

  "x": "y",

To make this definition valid, remove the comma after "y",.

In your example, the "port" key has an incorrect comma after the value. This is the error that the message is pointing you at (β€œerror on line 6 at column 14”).

(If you copied this from a manual example which included a trailing comma, let me know and I’ll fix it.)

Hi, i will removed the last β€œ,”? after port: xxx, ?

Also, my SMTP host is not string, i am using IP will this be okay? I just followed this set up from the forum of Phabricator

I removed all the β€œ,” still having the same error, i just want to test the email if this will sent a welcome email already. Im using our own SMTP server using IP.


You can try using to make sure your json file is set up correctly.