Conpherence desktop client


Is any form of Conpherence desktop client planned? E.g. an XMPP bridge? There was some mention of XMPP in T5364 and T1271 and rP5c1e4488dedafda08684b33a8a4786cf687d2811 mentions a “Conpherence bot/API update” that would allow for this, but does not mention a task tracking that update.


Nothing planned. I think generally Conpherence needs to complete modernization (move everything to modern classes for full Conduit support) and then something like an Electron app would be relatively easy to build. But we haven’t see a lot of interest.


In our office we are looking for a self-hosted / on-premises real-time communication tool, that ideally integrates with our other tools (tasks, wiki, code, review, …). A colleague would like a “desktop app” and I would prefer something that integrates into my desktop chat system (KDE Telepathy / XMPP).

Mattermost provides most of this, but does (afaik) not integrate with Phabricator directly. There was a feature request once, but nothing came out of it. There was an ancient project implementing a Phabricator/Slack bridge (Mattermost is afaik Slack compatible) and one that is actively maintained: Phabulous

#4 This is a pretty neat product, it’s not for chat but for phabricator integration with slack via a bot workflow.