Copying and Pasting the "Differential" number pulls in "Differential"

Reproduction Instructions
Reproducible on

Open a revision in chrome say “

Move mouse over the D number at the top
The cursor will change to a caret


Double click the D number, both the D number and Differential get highlighted


Ctrl+C (to copy the number)

Move to some other editor
Ctrl+V (to paste)

And the following text is pasted


I’m not sure if its always been like that? The same is also true for tasks T number

It doesn’t feel like it should work like that, most pieces of text can be individually selected

I think it’s always been like that, but maybe depending on browser?
Those are two consecutive HTML elements with no whitespace between them, just some CSS magic to show the > thing.

Ah, looks like fixed this at some point?

UPDATE: the whitespace is there now, but double-click ignores it (Chrome/Windows).

In Safari and Firefox, the text Dxxx is selected on double click.

In Chrome on macOS, the text DifferentialDxxx is selected on double click, but triple clicking selects Dxxx.

I strongly suspect I tested D15263 in Chrome and that this is a behavioral change. Chrome’s behavior (selecting the entire line on double click, then just the word on triple click) also makes little sense to me. This is inconsistent with its behavior in other contexts. Its decision to copy the text DifferentialDxxx even though the containing <span> has an explicit leading space is also perplexing to me. I suspect this may be a bug in Chrome.

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This appears to be a behavioral change in the Chrome “LayoutNG” engine. I’ve filed this upstream as, see that task for more details.