Create maniphest task from external source

I understand that libphutil has been deprecated, therefore I was wondering what the best way to do the following would be:

I have a php application which occasionally can throw exceptions in one particular area. Instead of simply logging the exception in a file, I’d like to create a maniphest task for the exception, including the exception stack trace. I assume I’d have to use conduit somehow to invoke a maniphest api call but not quite sure what the best methodology would be.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Mark D

The client parts of libphutil/ have merged into arcanist/. All the classes still exist.

You can:

  • Update an existing script which previously loaded libphutil/ and have it load arcanist/ instead.
  • Write a new script which loads arcanist/.
  • Write a script which uses arc call-conduit. (If you have an existing script which does this, it should work as-is.)
  • Any existing script which makes a raw HTTP request should work as-is.

The documentation will be updated once things are more stable (see